Vehicle Code – Misdemeanors

Vehicle Code – Misdemeanors

14601.2(a), (b) Suspended license-DUI

14601.3 Habitual traffic offender

23152(a), (b), (c), &(d) DUI

23153(a),(b),(d) DUI with injury

Penal Code – Misdemeanors

Penal Code – Misdemeanors

166 Contempt

243 Battery against peace officer

243(e)(1) Battery against spouse; others

273.6 Violation of protective order, temporary restraining order, or injunction

273.65(a) Violation of protective order related to children

368(b)(1)(c) Abuse of elder/dependent adult w/injury

368(d) Abuse of elder/dependent adult; theft/embezzlement

647(a) Lewd conduct in public place

647(b) Prostitution

653m Annoying communications